Seven recommendations for appropriate Malaria prophylaxis

Malaria is mainly transmitted by mosquitos, so effective protection against insect bites is an absolute requirement for all those traveling into areas affected by this disease especially where malaria is endemic; The Tropics, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kenya and Thailand.

For correct and updated information on appropriate Malaria prophylaxis please contact your local public information centers The Ministry of Health or The Foreign Office in your country of origin.

Seven helpful recommendations for your travel planning

  1. Disease prevention through medication:
    Doctors specialising in tropical medicine can advise you on the most appropriate preventative methods suitable for your travel destinations.

  2. Use insect repellents containing the active ingredient Icaridine:
    This active substance is recommended by The WHO for use in Malaria prophylaxis.

  3. Be particularly careful during the morning- and evening hours:
    These are the times when mosquitoes are most active.

  4. Travel outside the rainy seasons:
    If possible do not travel to Malaria - affected regions during the rainy season; outside this time mosquitoes are less abundant and the risk of infection is significantly reduced.

  5. Sleep underneath a mosquito net:
    Prior to your departure it is advisable to purchase a mosquito net sufficiently large to completely cover your body.

  6. Wear light coloured clothing:
    Mosquitoes are attracted by dark colours, so wearing light colours may prove to be a good deterrent.

  7. Wear long sleeved shirts, full length trousers and shoes covering the entire feet:
    This way the mosquitoes will not be able to reach any bare skin.